Visualizing my Experience at Amal

clicked a day before Amal’s first interview

My journey at Amal is not less than a roller coaster. From the very beginning: since the screening phases were going on till date I have attended this fellowship in different cities of the country. I still remember the time I used to drive for 12 hours at night from Sindh to Punjab and attend my initial sessions (selection phases) for this fellowship. On day at some point, after ending my office work I decided not to attend the orientation session this Saturday and there were so many mixed feelings in the mind. I had to manage my job, the renovation was also going on in my Punjab’s house and my sister’s wedding was also scheduled in the that month. As usually, I reached after a long hours of drive after my office at home round about at 10 a.m., attended the orientation session joined a bit late. After hearing that all of us were finally selected I was quite happy but confused as well, that I’m gonna manage all these things altogether.

New week
12 hours drive on weekends

The very next day I travelled back to my parent’s home here at Sindh. I have shared this good news about my selection, they were quite happy. Then went to Rahimyar Khan for my office. This was the schedule to work 5-days a week. After that travel back to Sahiwal, Punjab. For knowing the progress of the house and along with that to attend the Amal weekend sessions. I already told this busy schedule of mine to the very kind person and my beloved Program Manager sir Anis as well. Throughout this journey he always supported me no matter what. I am really grateful for that. I learned how to manage all these things together. I initially took 20 days off from the office to figure out things, then continued my travelling to four different cities in a week, Amal Academy and the personal commitments.

After getting tired of driving opted ‘Train’
Also explored some of the buses
Day out for myself

In this midst of chaos I also figured out to live in these moments because these moments and this time won’t come back.

Explored food streets of Sahiwal
The famous Fried rice dhaba at Sahiwal

As most the time I was travelling alone for managing all these things so i explored the best food points for myself, I’m a foodie for sure so I can’t compromise or settle for a lesser delicious taste.

End of 2nd week

This was the first time when we scheduled our meeting for the mega-project’s ideas. One of the group members written the ideas and shared with us. I still remember the excitement, the joy and those delightful feeling everyone of us used to express regarding the fellowship journey. As of now we just have one week left so I would like to say that I would remember this incredible journey all my life because Amal has given me an opportunity to have faith on Almighty and never back out from difficulties just face them with true spirits.

Thank you!